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      HCC Electronic Packaging
      Hermetic microelectronic packaging, connectors, headers and substrate solutions that utilize custom metal working capabilities as well an expertise in Glass-to-Metal Sealing (GTMS), Ceramic to Metal Sealing (CTMS), and High-Temperature of Cofired Ceramic(HTCC).
      Leading provider of microelectronic packaging, connectors and substrates since 1955
      150,000 sq.ft. Of combined manufacturing space in the U.S. and Malaysia
      Multiple factory locations allowing for flexibility in manufacturing and security of supply
      Front end design engineering support
      Full tool room and machine shop
      High and low temperature brazing
      Precious metal plating operation
      High-Temperature Co fired Ceramic expertise
      GTMS and CTMS technology
      Testing to MIL-STD 883
      ISO 9001 registered
      AS9100 registered
      RoHS compliant


      HCC Part Numbering Picture File.pdf

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