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      Aluminum wire,Copper wire,Gold wire,Gold ribb

      Aluminum wire
      1%Si Al wire
      Specification: 0.8mil, 1.0mil, 1.25mil, 2miletc.
      Heavy wire (5/9's, 4/9’s, 0.5%Mg Al)
      Specifications: 4mil, 5mil, 6mil, 7mil, 8mil, 12mil, 20miletc.
      Copper wire
      Copper wire is a new material in Semiconductor package industry. Copper wire can substitute for gold wire and save much manufacturing cost. It have been used widely now.
      The wire diameter conversions for Cu and Au is:

      (d: Diameter,s:Electric conductivities)
      其中 sCu=103.1%IACS , sAu=73.4%IACS
      Gold wire
      Specifications: 0.9mil, 1.0mil, 2mil, 3miletc.
      Solder wire/Solder Ribbon
      We could also supply a series of solder wire and ribbons of pure gold and base metals. As the excellent quality, we have possessed of many customers in domestic.


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