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      “SPM Product and Technology ”seminar will be held in Shanghai

       This seminar is presided by Shanghai Means Electronics Co., Ltd and Semiconductor Packaging Materials Company. It will be started at 12.30~17.00 on May.11 in Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel.
          SPM-Mr.YS SEE(Sales Manager) and Mr. Zhenfeng Guo Ph.D.(Metallurgist) will give a lecture covering all the aspects of the SPM's products, such as Heavy AL Wire, Solder Wire, Copper Wire, etc.
          It’s our great honour to invite JCET, IR, FUJITSU, DIODES, ect company nearly fifty person to attend this seminar.
          Welcome to enter for this seminar, please contact with Ms.Maggie Liao, Tel:021-64683939.
          Thank you for support!

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